Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand and navigate our platform.

How do I join? Does it cost anything?

It’s quick and easy to join Afrislate, and it’s also free! Afrislate is free to join; there are no membership fees or monthly fees, and there are no fees to list equipment.

How secure is it to use Afrislate?

We aim to eliminate fraud in the production equipment rental industry. Safety is a key concern in the Afrislate community. Only verified and validated users on Afrislate can interact in the booking process. We create a safe community in a variety of ways:

  • User/seller verification.
  • Secure online payment and bank information.
  • Personal vetting.
  • Phone number and some account validation.
  • User reviews after each rental.
Why is my request or account pending approval?

To ensure a safe and secure community, Afrislate performs an identity verification and background check on all members. If you provide incomplete or incorrect data or information, we will be unable to verify you. When this happens, your account will be pending approval and any rental requests or gear listings will also remain pending. Someone on our team will need to manually verify your account and will be in touch with you.  

Once you are fully verified your rental requests will be sent, and your listings will be published.

Is there a fee to list my equipment on Afrislate?
What kinds of things can I list?
How should I price my listings?

We suggest setting prices competitive to similar rentals on Afrislate and elsewhere but you can feel free to email us at admin@afrislate.com if you want more specific suggestions. 

How does payment work?
  • All payments are handled securely and swiftly online, either through bank transfer to our stated account number or in collaboration with the secure  payment portal, Flutterwave.com.
  • As a renter you can easily add your credit card information in your profile settings.
  • As an owner you simply enter your bank account information in your profile settings and get the payment transferred directly to your account.
  • A receipt will be sent to your email after every transaction.
Do I pay for a rental before or after I pick it up?

The renter’s credit card is authorized when the renter requests an item. The payment goes through when we have confirmed that the transaction has taken place. Payment is verified and processed by our secure third party payment processor, Flutterwave.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping. When you place an order or book an equipment, you can either opt to pick up at our store with no charges or opt for it to be delivered right to your desired location, with a flat rate charge for smaller equipment or a charge according to the shipping distance(charged per kilometer) for heavy or more delicate equipment which would be delivered with our truck.

Can I get same day delivery?

If you are within Lagos, sure you can. You my be able to get same day delivery outside Lagos for certain kinds of equipment too. Contact our customer care at 08036568201(call/whatspp) to ask for more details on delivery for any equipment rental.

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